Alphabet photography

Critique prompt: Valuable things learned so far in photography: So far of course the most important thing of all is learning how to generally operate a camera. It’s never a con to learn new skills, operating a camera can be incredibly beneficial, in the least important way, it’s now a skill you have, in the most important, it’s now your source of income every year. The runner up which is almost if not completely on par with the first is learning how to use photoshop. It’s an incredibly useful app that can be used to alter images by doing all kinds of cool things with them. Photoshop could potentially become a career or a very important skill to have for marketers for example. What’s more appealing than a bizarre advertisement. Learning about different images can also become a potentially useful tool in your plate later on in life.

Career Tree

  1. I am most interested in the professional photography careers.
  2. Advertising marketing for example is responsible for bringing costumers or awareness towards something. Let’s say for example an anti-drug program. The advertising marketers’ job is to create an advertisement that attracts support for the program and discourages the use of drugs. Their main responsibility would be to successfully attract their targeted audience.
  3. The average salary for an advertising marketer is $86,459.
  4. The salary is definitely one of the most attractive parts about the field however one of the other main things is the fact that this job allows for passion. Not only in supporting subjects or products that you can be passionate about but the act of taking photographs itself allows for an actually interesting job.
  5. In order to get a job in something like advertising marketing, you’d require a minimum of a college diploma, or a university diploma having gone into fields like communications, public relations, or journalism. You need to have strong communication, writing, and creativity skills. you need to be able to manage a schedule, work well under the pressure of multiple assignments, and of course photographic skill.

Studio Portraits



Exposure for all images: 1/60 sec, F: 5/6, ISO: 800

Studio Portrait is a form of Photography where photographs are taken with a still quiet background, with color or design. In this case we were using tungsten lights to take studio pictures. Using the mainlight we can create shadows on the subject like a 3/4s picture where a quarter is covered in shadow while the rest it lit up. We also used a fill light to adjust the shadow on the subject. Using both we could create butterfly images which is when both the main light and the fill light are illuminating the subject.

Camera Modes

Manual: Manual mode is a mode on the camera that lets you manually select the iso, exposure, and aperture. No factor is automatically set.

TV: TV is similar to Av mode except this time the manually adjustable factor is the shutter speed. The aperture is automatically set along with everything else to the surrounding light as deemed by the camera.

Av: Av is aperture priority mode. Basically it automatically sets the camera to shutter speeds and all other factors the camera thinks fit the surrounding light. This enables you to adjust the aperture manually by hand.

Conceptual self Portrait

Conceptual means to relate or to be based on a concept. Regarding a self portrait its a representation of who you are.

This image relates to me because during the last year or so I’ve dedicated myself heavily to physical activities in hopes of physical improvement. Towards the beginning it was probably something weak like for girls or such. However with time it becomes an obsession’s from newly found confidence, abilities, and overall improvement towards life.

The basket ball is also there to represent physical activities however its something that requires major skill. Skill I don’t posses. Its more about dabbling in new hobbies and being a jack of all trades. Its more of finding out weather or not I’m capable of something and if I can become capable if not.

Cindy Sherman:

Cindy Sherman is a famous self portrait photographer that uses herself in abstract ways to create strange images. Her images such as Hauser and Wirth are incredibly captivating for their uniqueness. This one was immediately my favorite. When I searched her name, its immediately what popped out amongst all her images. All of her images were to some extent normal, and this one just stood out in black and white with miss matched pieces.


National Geographic

National Geographic 800

Nothing ordinaire about the picture, just a shot of a busy street next to a Hollywood sign with probably a filter giving it a hint of yellow. While difficult to explain these kinds of environments are the best to walk around and sight see, and to overall just be in. Kind of gives the feeling of a night drive, just a nice cool cruise. The yellow effect adds a feeling of warmth to it to.

National Geographic 814

I have no idea which story it is, but this cover appears to be a fable of sorts which is very interesting to say the least. Our nosy little minds want to know exactly what’s going on. If you examine the scene it looks like an exile of sorts, or those two men returned and were despised or the law must punish them. There are many possibilities that can only be explored by reading.

National Geographic 829

Terrifyingly large ships are always scary. Especially these. With hundreds of jets, it almost makes it feel like were on the edge of war.